Crying Is Good For Your Health – If You Think It Is

That last statement in this article is news to me.  The  power of belief is demonstrated yet again.

According to an article in Woman’s World, October 31 2011 — While it’s not something anyone wants to do every day, the latest research proves that a good cry from time to time can actually:
Detoxify your body!

Research shows that emotional tears – unlike say, those from cutting onions – remove toxins from your body that build up in response to stress you experience.

Prevent some eye infections!

All tears contain lysozyme, a fluid that can kill 90% to 95% of all bacteria in just 5 to 10 minutes.

Protect your heart!

Suppressing tears increases stress levels, which can cause blood pressure to spike & wreak havoc on your nervous and cardiovascular systems. But there’s a catch: To reap this benefit, you have to believe that crying is a good thing, not a sign of weakness, reveals a new study in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science.