Transforming Early Mother Loss

Early mother loss can have profound and often unconscious effects which last a lifetime. Each stage of a woman’s life is colored by this premature encounter with death from leaving the childhood home, to career, relationship and child-rearing. Unresolved loss can create a life of anxiety or depression that seems to come from nowhere.

Birthdays, Mother’s Day, other holidays and the anniversary of her passing can be blindsiding. Otherwise able to work and care for her family, a woman may find herself crying in bed for days unable to motivate herself. Or she may be driven to stay busy to distract herself from the pain. Neither depression nor anxiety is a fruitful way of making peace with this loss.

Even though one in nine Americans lose a parent before the age of 20, there is precious little written about the experience. I understand the enormity of this loss and would like to help you transform a legacy of burden into a relationship with your mother’s passing that brings lasting peace.